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Design Shala 2023

Trivandrum, Kerala

Laurie Baker Centre

The School took place at the Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies in Trivandrum, Kerala, which stands as a remarkable testament to the legacy of Sir Laurence Wilfred Baker. It's an extraordinary experience, that every aspiring architect should have!

Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies

Trivandrum, Kerala

The LBC propagates the philosophy and legacy of sir Laurie Baker, who charted a cost-effective, environment-friendly and local resource-based alternative to building construction in India. The campus admist lush green forest is a masterpiece showing people-friendly architecture, alternative sources of energy, waste management and sanitation.

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Sir Laurie Baker

Laurie Baker Centre
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Hands-on Sessions

Field Visit

Trivandrum, Kerala

7 Days School Details

Design Shala is designed to propagate the learning and applications pioneered by master architect Sir. Laurie Baker, Kerala. 7 Days are divided to get most out of it by interaction, hands-on, discussion, traveling, site visits and many more. Join today!



Each school gives unique experience, learnings, friends and connections. Taking forward these bits can create a huge impact on our journey. Here are some of the past memories form the DesignShala 2023...


The feedback received from the participants is what keeps us motivated to continue organizing schools for you. Here are some glimpses from the feedback provided by our participants!


“My mindset towards architecture before entering into LBC was different, but after the sessions it has completely changed Thanks to Design shala"


"Everything was exciting and interesting. Every moment was special, from lectures, hands on sessions to interaction with people"


“We all got to know how to live with nature and architecture makes it possible. Thankyou Design Shala 🙌 for organizing such workshop.
it was memorable🤍"
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