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Finding inspiration in every BIT!

An education and community organization in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry where like-minded people unite, learn, grow and create a vibrant community. 361BIT is thriving to bridge the gap between students, professionals and tomorrows challenges with the help of seminars, masterclasses, tours, schools, competitions, meetups, discussions, social platforms, design forum and many more.

Our Team

Its a great pleasure to work with impeccable team continuously working towards making this community a better place!  

Vaibhav | 361BIT



Sushank | 361BIT






Shubhankar | 361BIT



Mohit | 361BIT



Our Story

As a group of curious minds, 361BIT emerged from a deep-seated desire to challenge the status quo within the AEC industry. Our driving force is relentless pursuit of excellence, and a genuine commitment to making a positive difference.

The trust and confidence from our 25000+ patrons in our vision was nothing short of inspiring, and it has given us the momentum to continue pushing for progress. At 361BIT, we believe in the 3Rs - Relate, Respond, and Revive. Where we relate to the problems, Respond with a process and Revive the true essence.

We are firm believers that small deeds can lead to significant change, and one of the key ways we strive to make an impact is by fostering stronger ties between aspiring students, seasoned professionals and tomorrows challenges. Our platform serves as a bridge, providing an avenue for mutual learning and growth.


We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and transformation, as we work to create a more vibrant and flourishing community. Together, let's contribute our own unique perspectives and skills, and build a brighter future for architecture!


We would love to connect with you!

Flat no 6, Pralhadjyoti Apartment, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur, India- 440022



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