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361BIT is a Community Based Organization created to connect all the dots in architecture and shape a cohesive community with the help of seminars, workshops, tours, competitions, meetups, discussions, social events. Bridging the gap between students, professionals and tomorrow’s challenges!

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We've curated some insightful events and activities, where you can learn, connect, and evolve alongside your awesome peers. Explore them now!

Our passionate pursuit of education and spreading awareness in the discipline of design has driven us to create various platforms, where like-minded people unite, learn and grow, creating a vibrant energy and an infectious sense of community. Explore all the platforms!

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We've crafted some amazing platforms, where you can learn, connect, and evolve alongside your awesome peers and seasoned professionals from an ever expanding discipline. Explore them now!

Stay updated on the latest news and information in Architecture, Construction and Engineering field. Read the latest uploads!


Today, students and professionals are prone to the exposure programs along with their academic curriculum and professional practice. Getting exposed to various strata's of field, helps to improve the abilities of being a human of today and the architect of tomorrow. 361BIT is an effort to reach out to such enthusiastic students and professionals to contribute towards their learning process and make design accessible for everyone!

361BIT Community
  • What is 361BIT?
    361BIT is an education and community organization in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry where like-minded people unite, learn, grow and create a vibrant community and an infectious sense of responsibility. 361BIT is thriving to bridge the gap between students, professionals and tomorrows challenges with the help of seminars, masterclasses, tours, schools, competitions, meetups, discussions, social platforms, design forum and many more. Together, let's learn, innovate, and create a better tomorrow!
  • What does 361BIT do?
    361BIT organizes various events, coordinates numerous activities, conducts discussions, surveys, and challenges, all geared towards education, empowerment and awareness! 361BIT is deeply involved in the discipline through several initiatives: Seminars: Providing insights into essential concepts, trends, and topics. Design Competitions: Encouraging healthy competition among peers in the field. Design Schools: Offering practical training in the AEC field. Study Tours: Exploring the history, culture, and architecture of the nation. Masterclasses: Learning various aspects directly from industry masters. Design Forum: Interaction, connection, and networking with peers and mentors. Column: Keeping you updated on the latest trends and news in the AEC industry. Community: Coming together to collaborate and work towards a better tomorrow. These initiatives form the core of 361BIT's commitment to foster a knowledgeable, skilled, connected and empowered community.
  • How and when these activities are organized?
    361BIT organizes activities and events every year. Stay in the loop by following us on our social media handles or subscribing to our tribe. For any advance information or updates, feel free to get in touch with 361BIT. We're here to keep you informed and engaged!
  • Who can participate in the events and initiatives?
    Individuals from all professions and backgrounds, who share a passion for design and the creative process, are warmly welcomed to participate in 361BIT's events. Stay updated by following us on our social media channels or subscribing to the tribe on our website. Look forward to see you around!😊
  • Can colleges participate in the events?
    "Collaboration is multiplication." At 361BIT, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of collaborations. We are always open to partnering with colleges and encouraging active participation. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your collaboration can make a significant difference!
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