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Bharat: The land of light
Celebrating the Past

“Bharat- the Land of Light”, has a deep rooted history, diverse culture, and eminent Architecture. The rich heritage of the nation is filled with magnificent architectural creations: Konark Sun temple, Chittorgarh Fort and Ellora Caves each shaping our society across centuries. Structures such Bharat Bhavan, Jawahar kala Kendra, Indian Coffee House narrate the stories of their respective eras standing as a symbol of India’s timeless legacy.

The Opportunity!

At the threshold of a pivotal transition in India’s architectural landscape, 361BIT invites every design enthusiast to imagine a space to pause, reflect, and celebrate the masters who shaped the nation's story and championed the vivid tapestry of Indian architecture.

Honorable Jury Panel
Ar. Daraius Choksi.png
Ar. Daraius Choksi

Studio Director, CCBA

Recognized in 'Top 50 Next-Generation Architects'. His mentoring has shaped skilled students and architects nationwide.

Ar. Chandrakant K.png
Ar. Chandrakant K.

4 Site Architects

Principal Architect at 4site Architects. Experienced in Sustainable Design, Urban and Residential Architecture, and Interior Design.

Ar. Arjun Malik.png
Ar. Arjun Malik

Malik Architects

An architect and heritage conservationist. He is renowned for his eco-friendly and cost-effective designs.

Ar. Veeram Shah.png
Ar. Veeram Shah

Design ni Dukan

Principal architect at Design ni Dukaan, a multidisciplinary studio in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, embracing the concept of holistic design.

Ar. Snehal Suthar.png
Ar. Snehal Suthar

Grid Architects

Prioritizing sustainable designs with simplicity and inclusivity, considering both psychological and physical aspects of public spaces.

Ar. Bhadri Suthar.png
Ar. Bhadri Suthar

Grid Architects

Specializes in Barrier-Free design, furniture, and graphics. Actively engages in workshops at NID and NIFT, challenging conventions

Ar. Aman SOhal.png
Ar. Aman Sohal

Forum Advaita

Principal architect at ForumAdvaita a design studio that  focuses on design  that heightens the experience of living in.

Awards and Recognition

Early Bird


26th Jan 24

29th Feb 24



01st Mar 24

31st Mar 24



01st Apr 24

30th Apr 24


Deadline Extended!

17th May 24



31st May 24

This is an open idea competition and not intended for execution.
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