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Let's roam around the globe!

Exploration is the best way to learn, and we wants to provide that opportunity to everyone. Spreading the awareness about our history, heritage, and architecture by traveling to different places around the world!

Upcoming tram!


We are working on some amazing trams curated just for you. Keep your tribe ready to join the adventure!

Traveling is a way to reinvent yourself!


Each tram gives unique experience, learnings, friends and connections. Taking forward these bits can create a huge impact on our journey. Here are some of the past memories form the tram...

tram memories


The feedback received from the participants is what keeps us motivated to continue organizing trams for you. Here are some glimpses from the feedback by our beloved travelers!


“It's very amazing😍more off fun learnings interactions. waiting for many more trips✈️loved n wanna be a part of 361BIT"


“It was an adventurous trip. I learned many new things and had fun with everyone!!"


“The team was so friendly and helpful, got to learn so many new things and also such a good opportunity to interact with completely strangers!"
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